Triple Your Sales By Creating Multiple Versions Of Your Products In Different Languages

The highest-earning elite of internet marketers are not only intelligent business people who work hard and work smart, they also do something else.

They All Make Money Selling In Foreign Markets Too

Foreign language markets is the fertile, green land of making money where you get:

  • Low competition for keywords in the search engines and in paid advertising
  • Low competition in terms of products (think of the internet in 2004)
  • Markets hungry for solutions that just aren’t being provided by local marketers
  • Buyers with money ready to pay for what you can provide them

This is how you give a huge instant boost to your profits in a short timeframe, by simply creating multiple versions of your existing products in different languages.

Any marketer worth his or her salt has thought about doubling or tripling their profits by creating foreign language versions of their product and targeting the most lucrative regions where those languages are spoken.

And yet this is one of the hardest things anyone can do…

And the reasons so few marketers have succeeded with foreign language versions of their products are always the same:

  • They can’t find a decent copywriter to write the sales page in that language and the best ones don’t speak English or cost a bomb
  • Creating copy, the sales video, squeeze pages and email list is just too much of a headache
  • They don’t know how to research keywords for PPC ads, domain names or alternative sales page titles
  • They use a translator to translate the sales page and it hardly ever converts, plus they can’t test new versions of it
  • It’s just too expensive and complicated to manage it – and who can you trust?

This Is Where I Can Help You Get Fast Results

As a copywriter who creates enticing copy that converts (proof to follow) in 3 different languages, I can help you to get over these seemingly impossible obstacles and galloping into the fresh, green pastures of the lucrative land of high profits and low competition.

What you can expect if I help you adapt or create your sales page in Spanish or French for you is:

  • A high-converting French and/or Spanish sales page delivered to you in a short time to start converting your site into extra sales fast
  • A number of extra alternative catchy, mouth-watering headlines that you can split test with to boost revenue
  • A guarantee that you’ll succeed in making fast conversions and a juicy jump in profits

And It Doesn’t End There

We all know that video sells like hotcakes. Well guess what guess what, as well as writing copy in 3 languages, I also do voice acting.

As well as lending my voice to a number of sales videos that convert well in 3 different languages, my voice also features in animated films, TV commercials, radio commercials and documentaries.

So not only can I adapt your original sales copy text to either French or Spanish languages, I can also record it and send it to you, in a “best friend chat” style, a “kick your ass” style or whatever sells your product.

I can’t offer a video production or design service to you, but you probably have some ideas for how to do that yourself.

How easy is this starting to sound?

To recap, let’s go through the steps of getting your products to sell fast:

  • You already have a product that converts well, but you’d like to make more money from it fast
  • You get your product’s content (ebook, video course) translated with a contractor from or the equivalent
  • I analyse your product’s market, sales page, customers and objectives and write you a piping hot sales page in French, Spanish or both
  • I give you 10-20 alternatives for each headline and sub-headline so you can split test with ease
  • I record the text of the copy in high quality audio files in my studio so you can easily insert them into your sales video
  • I help you to choose the coolest domain name that rolls right off the tongue of every French & Spanish speaker
  • You choose your strategy to sell: article marketing, PPC ads, recruiting affiliates or all 3 methods

Optional Steps:

You don’t have to do any of the following but you know it can boost your sales massively if you do:

  • 10-30 emails to turn your new foreign language list into a cash machine (my click rate is as high as 35% for my best list)
  • A full & complete French or Spanish keyword research report on your product’s niche to get your marketing blog or ads campaign rolling
  • 20-40 PPC ads that really convert to cash (did you know clicks can be much cheaper in other countries and convert higher?)
  • A full & complete report on who you should target as affiliates in your market to bazooka your sales sky high

Something About Me

I speak, work and write every single day in 3 different languages.

I live in Europe having spent time in France, Spain, UK and Holland. I speak French and Spanish fluently and I get by in a couple of other languages too.

In my past life I was email/web copywriter and account manager at various multinational companies. But I got tired of working for the man and wanted to be my own boss.

The one skill that has really served me well is the multilingual copywriting.

When I realised that I could go straight into the foreign language domains and get good, focused traffic and conversions at a fast rate, with less competition I was pretty happy. So happy in fact that my main focus is now French & Spanish markets.

I sell my own products for which you can check the proof of success where I create copy that really converts.

Now It’s Your Turn To Exploit These Markets

You may wonder why I don’t just produce a thousand different products in French & Spanish myself instead of helping you do it. I’d be making a fortune after all and there are so few local marketers who seem to have picked up on it.

The thing is, I do actually create my own products and you can see how well they sell because I’ll send you proof.

As you know, it takes a lot of effort to produce products and sell them. There’s so much work involved. And I’m just not interested in some niches. I like health products and music products as these are my passions in real life and I can deliver more than expected in these niches.

Instead, I am happy to provide a service helping others bring value to these new markets because there’s almost no chance your product competes with any of mine. And we can compare to check if so.

Give Me A Call, You’ll See Who I Am

You don’t know me and I also realise that you’d you may be interested in learning more about how this works.

This is why having a phone call or video call on Skype is the best possible next step. This way, you’ll be able to get a feel for what I can do for your business and you’ll see if you can trust me to deliver.

Of course, we don’t have to speak. You can ask me for a quote before that.

Either way, get started by simply contacting me and getting the ball rolling.

It’s Time To Get In There Making Money Before They Wake Up

If you’re worried about local competition from marketers in these countries, then don’t bother.

Ads are poorly written, there is a real lack of products in certain niches and local marketers don’t always find it so easy to understand the latest trends, most which are available in English.

But it won’t stay that way forever. This is why you need to get in there before it’s too late.

It’s an opportunity you need to be considering and you certainly don’t want to be regretting further down the line.

It’s kind of like buying real estate just before a boom: if you’re too late you’ll regret it years later.

Don’t be that guy or girl in 5 years time who says “If only I’d released my products in different languages…if only!”.

I’d say get on this train before it’s too late and others wake up to it.

Contact me today for a call or a free quote to see how I can help you adapt to exciting foreign markets.





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