To Find Out How To Make Extra Sales In Foreign Markets Read On…

Hi this is Matt and I’m about to show you how you can make more money from your website or video channel in foreign language markets, without even doing anything.

This isn’t a gimmick or a joke. I really mean it!

How Does It Work ?

I’ll create unique videos or articles in French or Spanish for you for FREE with which you can use your affiliate link to my foreign language products and make money from each sale. You can put the articles and videos I provide you either on your website, on youtube, or both.

From that moment on, you own the article. It’s yours.

Making these unique articles and videos for you is a walk in the park for me as I am fluent in French and Spanish and I do it all the time.

The reason I’ll do this for you for free, with no obligations whatsoever, is that it represents an opportunity for you and me to make money from selling my products online.

You’d like to earn more cash, I’d like to recruit more affiliates.

How Much Money Can I Earn?

It all depends  on how much traffic you get to your site or video channel.

If it’s reasonably good, you should rank in the search engines in a fairly short time and get up to a few sales per day, without actually lifting a finger.

Traffic tends to convert at around 5-7% for affiliates of my products with focused search engine traffic actively looking for a solution on Google (not passively browsing), which is a decent conversion rate. My products are in hungry markets.

What’s In It For Us Both?

  • You get more money without actually doing anything but uploading the unique article or video I created for you

  • I get more affiliates for my products, which is exactly what I want

We both go home happy!

Now I’m not saying you’ll earn a fortune overnight, you won’t.

But my products do convert fairly well and depending on your site’s traffic, you could probably bank at least an order or two per day.

  • 1 order per day : $750 per month

  • 2 orders per day : $1500 per month

  • 3 orders per day : $2250 per month

And you don’t need any contract, any qualifications, and there is no obligation to keep promoting my products if you don’t want to. You just need a website that gets good traffic from the search engines.

How To Get Started

To start with, I’ll write you a unique article on the topic for free and you can include your Clickbank affiliate link or add a banner to the article that links to my product(s) via your affiliate ID link. It’s that easy.

If we see that you start to get traffic and sales I’ll go right ahead and write you more and more unique articles so you can double your earnings. Make hay while the sun shines right?

Video Traffic

And if you have a video channel and you know how to get tons of views from youtube, then I’ll make you a short video for free to generate affiliate traffic.

Now I know that if you’re reading this you’ve probably got a few questions by now. So let me answer those questions for you…

How Do I Know I’ll Get Any Traffic These Articles?

If your websites get good traffic in English, you can be fairly certain that you’ll get foreign language traffic too.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying.

While nobody can predict Google’s behaviour, I know you can and should get traffic because I’ve put foreign language articles on English websites myself to test it.

If you choose your keywords well (I’ll do it for you) you’ll get floods of traffic, no matter what the language is, as long as your site is liked by Google and other search engines.

Want Some Proof ?

Check out this article I wrote for an English website.

It has 79 facebook likes and is ranked 11th most visited article on this site (check the most visited article lists in the right column). And this site has around 120 posts and pages all in English.

The site above can get around 1000 unique visitors per day and that article has been viewed many, many times by French visitors, hence the high amount of facebook likes.

The fact that this French article is one of the most visited on a 98% English language website is proof that Google doesn’t care what language you write in as long as it’s good. You’ll get traffic in any language provided that your site is well-liked.

And I have another different niche website where I’ve done exactly the same thing.

So I know that if you have a good website with traffic in English, you can get free search traffic for foreign language articles too.

Ask any multilingual website owner and they’ll tell you they get free traffic in all different languages on Google.

Low Competition In Foreign Language Markets…

In fact, did you know it’s generally easier to get free traffic with foreign language articles and videos ?

The internet is less advanced outside of the English-speaking world.

It’s kind of like 2005 in some ways. Top of the SERPs are forum posts, fairly poor quality articles and generally not much value in terms of content.

You may have wondered how to take advantage of the lack of competition in foreign language markets before?

Well Here’s Your Chance…

If you want to take advantage of this before they wake up over there, then go for it.

Who Am I?

I’m Matt, and a useful skill of mine is that I speak a couple of foreign languages fluently. In fact, I live in a famous European non-English speaking capital (you could probably guess which one).

I’ve lived in 4 different countries and I’ve worked, studied and socialized for years speaking as much French and Spanish as I do English.

I’m now a multilingual marketer and the creator of several converting health programs (with several more in the making) in 3 different languages.

And I’m looking for other marketers who want to increase their passive income from their websites by selling my foreign language products.

It’s a no brainer for me: I help you get started by providing you with free marketing material for your website. Then I start to get repeat sales. Why would I not want to do that?

Moreover, why wouldn’t you do it? You’d be getting 75% of the sale price of each product 🙂

Why Am I Doing This For Free?

Because I get something back from it. As product creator I get paid each time you make a sale.

So essentially, with a few more affiliates per product making regular sales I can start to put my existing products on autopilot and concentrate on developing new products. That is what I like to do after all.

What If I Compete With Other Affiliates?

In the niches I choose, I’ve been pretty diligent in researching and testing the best low competition keywords. I quite enjoy discovering that for certain keywords, competition in French and Spanish is much lower than in English.

This means you could have 10-15 articles that focus on keywords that I won’t even give to other affiliates. There are easily enough keyword groups to go around for everyone. It means that you could dominate the searches for certain keywords quite easily.

Sounds Good…Is There Some Catch?

No but I do need to see your website. Relax, it’s safe. If you need to know more about me before sending me your website URL no problem just ask me.

I’ll reply to you with any information you need so you can see I’m the real deal.

I’m Interested, What Do I Need To Do?

You need to show me that your site or video channel gets plenty of traffic and that (if it’s a website) it’s health-related.

That is all.

A site with little or no SE traffic will find it hard to rank with Google and would be a waste of your and my time and we couldn’t work together.

All you need is a site or channel that Google and/or Youtube like, preferably related to health.

There is no risk.

If you are interested in some extra passive cash and your site gets visitors, we can definitely work together.

I’m pretty sure you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying.

Just visit this page to contact me and send me your details and I’ll get back to you very soon about how we can move forward.




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