Set Up A Joint Venture To Sell In Foreign Language Markets

Setting up a joint venture is very simple for us because we have done it many times before.428-h_main-w

Example 1

Jeff runs a successful online fitness and diet business online to help people get into shape and lose weight. Sales have been very satisfactory as Jeff has recruited many affiliates through Clickbank, has been generous with commissions and is providing an excellent solution that delivers pleasing results to customers. The flashy sales video and high conversions also form an integral part of the success.

Having seen such impressive results, Jeff now decides he wants to tap into the Spanish-speaking markets.

He contacts Multilingual Hits, who have the product translated, verified, set up the sales page, video, funnel and choose a catchy domain name all in a few weeks.

Example 2

Mike runs a learn to DJ online membership website that has been performing very well. He notices there is very low competition in the French market and huge demand, having observed the recent rise to fame of French music producers.

He contacts us and we create the French version of his program, website, including the sales video and email list. We also find some highly reliable French affiliates who are interested in selling his program.

The Above Example Also Applies To:

How To Set Up A Joint Venture

If your product is sold on Clickbank, then there is a JV program that 2 or more partners can participate in to divide revenue between accounts automatically. This involves a very simple and straightforward set up.

How We Share Start-up Costs And Profits

Start-up costs are put towards translation, voice acting (for the sales video) and website setup. These are shared 50/50 by your company and Multilingual Hits. If there are future changes that involve payments then these are shared too. Profits from sales in Spanish/French are also shared 50/50 as.

What Happens When The Product Is Selling?

We are ultimately responsible for the marketing of the product so will continue to market at no cost to the creator. Once the start-up costs are covered there is no extra cost to consider, unless major changes must take place upon the creator’s request. However if all is set up correctly, there should be no changes for the next few years.

People We Like To Work With

We will consider anyone who wants to work with us under the following conditions:

We are open-minded and will consider any domain of online activity as long as it respects the above conditions.

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