Sell Online In Foreign Markets

Elite, high-earning marketers all sell their products online in foreign language markets as well as in the English speaking market because it’s a fast way of taking advantage of the low competition and untapped hungry buyers in non-English speaking regions.

Creating multiple versions of your online information products can be a lucrative shortcut to tripling your online profits if done correctly.

Promoting products in a foreign language as an affiliate can also be more lucrative than in English. Cheaper clicks help you

However, precious few marketers actually succeed in doing either of these successfully.

We’ll discuss promoting affiliate products a little later on.

First of all let’s look at why releasing a product outside of  the English speaking world is not easy.

Launching your product in a language you are not familiar with is almost impossible for most marketers with the exception of those blessed with huge budgets.

Why It’s Tough To Release Your Product In Different Languages

There are a few obstacles that make it difficult for marketers out there to take this important step:

A Translator Just Isn’t Enough To Launch A Product

While translating your actual product is fine, marketing your products is not just a case of translating.

You need real copywriters who can convince buyers, which explains why those who try to get sales pages translated invariably fail.

When translated, the words just do not push the same emotional buttons!

Only a real copywriter with proven sales success can adapt your sales page and recreate it if necessary in the language you need to sell in.

You Can’t Find An Affordable Copywriter You Can Trust

Any business coach will tell you that investing in a copywriter that gets you awesome results is easily worth it.

The problem is that the best copywriters who can write a smoking hot sales page that sells your product like hotcakes are hard to find, expensive and may not even speak English.

And even if you do find one, how do you know he or she will really get you results for the high price you pay?

How Do You Take Care Of Everything Else?

In addition to this, you need be able to choose an catchy, cool domain name in that language, build a high-converting list in that language, optionally create a sales video in that language and research keywords in that language.

And let’s not forget split testing – you’ll need multiple titles, ads, keywords, descriptions and so on.

No wonder there are so few products that have released in more than one language!

I Can Make It Easy For You

There are a few different ways I can help you to start making money fast in these regions.

And know exactly how to do it because I make sales in these markets myself.

1. Release Your Product In French Or Spanish

There are more native Spanish speakers than English speakers and they are increasing in numbers.

French is spoken in Canada, France and other emerging countries.

The online sales in these regions is increasing fast, which is a sign that this is the perfect time to start penetrating these markets now and take advantage of the currently low competition.

I can help you to adapt your product and launch it in either or both of these languages.

2. Sell Products As An Affiliate In French Or Spanish

I found it hard to believe when I first researched competition in French and Spanish.

The keywords are wide open, just like the internet a few years back.

Not only that, but buying PPC clicks  in these languages is much cheaper than in English. And the buyers convert at a higher rate!

I was pretty surprised and excited at the same time. I promptly went about creating websites and blogs to promote my own products that were in creation.

And it paid off nicely. Good, organic traffic started to flow fairly quickly and site visitors are eager and hungry for solutions. Very soon my PPC campaigns were underway.

If you are willing to promote my products, I’ll happily create free unique articles for you in either French or Spanish or both.

The only condition is that you need to drive traffic to your site.

Go here to see how to make extra money this way for free

3. Landing Pages To Promote Other Products

You don’t have to promote my products of course.

You might be more familiar with promoting products you already know and sell that are also available in different languages.

In this case, I can help you to create your landing pages and get your campaign underway fast for high converting sales


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