Frequently Asked Questions

What are the start up costs?Questions

Costs involved with the launch of a new version of your online product depend on a number of factors. Take into account the following:

  1. How many words need translating in total (product, sales copy, web pages)
  2. New graphics that need to be created
  3. Changes to the sales video
  4. Voice acting and recording

As we are a team of marketers who are experienced in the above, some of the changes can be made for no cost or for a low amount.

A typical start up cost ranges from $1000 to $2000. This cost is shared 50/50 between us and you.

Who have you worked with before?

When you contact us we can send you proof of what we have made by referring you to products we have worked on. You can check the success of products we have helped to create that are already selling.

The real test is when your product starts to convert. A team of copywriters can produce a great website or sales page, but we go much further, providing ongoing marketing, affiliate recruitment, optimisation and advertising for no extra cost at all. The reason we do this is because we share profits with our joint venture arrangement, which is beneficial to all parties.

Can we talk first so I can decide or get an estimate of costs?

Yes, we can call on Skype. Please visit the contact page to chat or call us.

What else do you do after the product launch?

Typically we manage a mailing list, recruit affiliates, have articles written, videos made and generally improve the sales funnel until the product is selling as well as it possibly can. We have enough resources to do this with every product that we have helped to create.

My product sells with videos. Do we need to make a new version from scratch?

In most cases, using your existing video with new in-video text and dubbed voices is satisfactory. Most (if not all) countries in Spanish and French regions are used to watching television shows and movies dubbed in their own language. This helps to reduce costs. Creating a new video from scratch is possible but is not always necessary.

Are there other costs involved?

After the product is released there are no further costs unless you request it. That is to say, we will continue to tweak and optimise the sales pages, graphics or video without extra costs, unless there are major modifications or improvements that are required.

How do you sell to an email list?

Once the potential buyer is subscribed to the mailing list, they will receive offers to purchase your product. The offers are all linked to the sales page directly, without an affiliate link. This is to ensure that the profits are shared equally from the email list.

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