About Multilingual Hits

Multilingual Hits is registered in Toronto, Canada and is a team of 4-5 multilingual marketers, some who are based in Paris, France. Our team have proven that they are capable of not only communicating in 3 different languages but also that they can write persuasive sales copy in English, French and Spanish.

Marketing foreign language products in the French and Spanish online domains is our speciality and is proving to be successful for us.

We are creators of 10 different successful online products catering to the French and Spanish markets that are currently converting well online.

We have also written copy that converts to help other marketers to release their products successfully in different languages.

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How We Can Help You

We aim to help you to make more money by exploiting the low competition, cheap traffic and hungry buying markets in the many regions around the world that speak French and Spanish.

This is an area that many people would love to break into but where only few actually can.

Some of these regions are ready and willing to buy online and others are emerging rapidly.

You can expect a full turnkey adaptation of your product in both French and Spanish that can be launched fast into foreign markets, blitzing the weak local competition.


Creating multiple versions of your product in different languages is a fast way to injecting an instant boost in your profits.

We can send you our proof of success and take care of everything for you to get your product selling fast.

Contact us to get started.